The Agents of change

We have stationed five new trainees in each of the NECT districts. “The Agents of Change” is their platform to provide insights into some of their experiences and their changing perceptions of the education landscape as influenced through personal encounters.

Introducing our Bloggers!

Dietrich Baron

I am Dietrich Baron, a 24-year-old male. I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Education: Language and Mathematics, and an Honours degree in Educational Leadership and Management at the University of the Western Cape. I am currently employed as a trainee at the National Education Collaboration Trust (NECT), working in Mthatha in the Eastern Cape.

Serving less fortunate and impoverished communities was always one of my goals, and through education I am currently empowering youth to excel academically. My objective is to motivate learners in ascertaining their inner strengths, abilities and the activities that truly inspire them. Education, particularly teaching, is embedded in my DNA as my grandfather was a catalyst for change as a teacher in the Apartheid regime. I chose to walk in his footsteps to inspire learners to rise above their circumstances and take responsibility for their education. As a student, I always participated in numerous programmes that encouraged learners to excel in both academics and sport. My current experiences at the NECT have been astounding, and I firmly believe that our organisation is mobilising and strengthening the education system. The innovative nature of the NECT has been instrumental in the on-going development and positive change that is currently surfacing in communities.

Nelson Mandela said, “education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world; therefore, through the NECT, I hope to contribute my expertise that could potentially influence both societies and South Africa. Along with my skills, I bring a creative, positive energy to the environment, accompanied by a desire and willingness to work with others to achieve a common goal.

Tsitsi Magwiro

Prior to joining NECT, I worked at JET Education Services on a part-time basis assisting with data management.

I have a BCom Honours degree in Business Finance and I enjoy working with numbers and anything else that tickles my curiosity.

Life is not in black and white as they say and joining NECT brought a sense of enlightenment in that regard. Having studied investment management, the seemingly odd change of career path into the education realm has shown me how plans and expectations quickly and swiftly change.

Working at JET, which is an organisation also involved in the improvement of education gave me a sense of satisfaction and purpose that I realised I would not get from the financial services sector. The idea of being an agent of change in a sector that needs so much attention and improvement made me feel a great sense of purpose. I then realised I wanted to be part of the force that would improve the levels of education in South Africa to improve people’s lives in the long run.

My responsibilities at NECT at moment as a Trainee are to get familiarised with the challenges facing education in South Africa and find ways to solve them. This includes, but is not limited to, Monitoring and Evaluation, Data Analysis, generating reports and Marketing and Communication aspects of NECT.

I am based in the Bohlabela District, Mpumalanga where NECT is currently working in the Bushbuckridge region. I will be engaged with school management, educators, learners and the community to work on improving education for all South Africans.

I hope to share with you some exciting observations and insights from Bushbuckridge!

Onyinye Ann Umeakubuike

Hi, I am Onyinye Ann Umeakubuike. I hold a Master of Science degree in Physics from the University of the Witwatersrand. Education, mainly science education, is very important to the development of any nation.

Working with NECT is in line with my passion for education innovation. I am therefore enthusiastic to be part of this project that supports and brings the right solutions to educational problems.

Nepfumbada Dakalo

I am Nepfumbada Dakalo, an ambitious young woman who is determined to achieve great things in life. I grew up at a village called Tshifulanani in Venda, Limpopo Province. I graduated with a BSc Honours Geology degree from the University of the Free State.

From a young age, I have always loved science and every aspect of it which is why I decided to further my studies in the earth science field. I had never imagined myself in the education sector however, I have always been fascinated by situations surrounding learners and their educational environment.

After completing my studies, I was privileged to have volunteered at SAASTA in their science education unit. This is where I started to develop an interest in education and could see myself within the space. It is a great pleasure to be granted the opportunity to bring change to our education sector, and with the great deal of learning that comes with it, I could not be more excited.

I hope this blog will create a platform for us to engage each other on important issues facing our education system and share meaningful ideas that can help bring transformation.

I am an agent of change.

Lebogang Lancelot Seleise

My name is Lebogang Lancelot Seleise. I am from a village called Moime in Tzaneen, Limpopo. I have a BSc degree with physics and geology majors, and an Honours degree in physics from the University of Limpopo.

I grew up in a village where it was perceived that education was only for the rich. This had a strong influence on the value, or lack thereof, my peers and I placed on education. School was not seen as a priority as one’s future was predetermined by circumstance.

So when I got the opportunity to work as an education planner I knew that this could be the best platform to be part of the change needed in our education system, and potentially open the eyes of learners who are in a similar situation as I was during my school days.

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