Programme 5: Education DialogueSA

Towards the end of 2013, the NECT set up an Education Dialogue group comprising 43 members representing educationists, academics, business, unions and government. The purpose of the Dialogue is to create an avenue for open, honest engagement around key subjects which need resolution and action for educational reform to be successful in South Africa.

In 2014 the NECT  convened two national dialogues and one provincial dialogue focusing on teacher professionalisation and school ethos.

Since then at least nine dialogues have been convened focusing on various topics as shown in the diagram below:

Dialogues Outcomes
1. Partnership Schools Dialogue (March 2015) Platform created for interested stakeholders to openly discuss mechanics of the model
2. Reading/Parent involvement and       development schools model/private schools (March 2015) Consensus on the need to focus on literacy in early grades. Follow up Literacy networks.
3. Roundtable on promotion of teaching professionalisation (May 2015) Follow up from the previous dialogue
4. SACE seminar on teacher professionalisation (June 2015) SACE is improving its teacher certification policies and measures
5. Eastern Cape University Deans of Education (August 2015) Support education improvement in the Eastern Cape and sharing of practical learning improvement strategies
6. Learner Safety Summit (December 2015) Students, unions, government, SGBs committed to maintaining learner safety - declaration signed by all parties in this regard
7. Education NGO Leadership Summit (March 2016 Role of NGOs in implementing the NDP refreshed. Networked funders, corporates and NGOs
8. Vuwani crisis – local stakeholder engagement (May-August 2016) Local stakeholders agreed on joint programme to help resume teaching and learning. R10 million worth of donations raised through crowd-funding programme. Distribution is above 50%
9. Four provincial roadshows 2000 Curriculum advisors, governance and management officials and parents involved to encourage all involved to increase curriculum coverage


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