About the NECT

The National Education Collaboration Trust (NECT) is an organisation dedicated to strengthening partnerships within civil society and between civil society and government in order to achieve South Africa’s national goals for basic education. It strives both to support and to influence the agenda for reform of education.

Dialogue Group

The NECT’s programme of national policy discussion is known as Education DialogueSA. At the centre of this is the Dialogue Group which meets three times a year to generate proposals for wider debate and advocacy.

District Steering Committee

A key element in the District Improvement Programme (DIP) intervention is the District Steering Committee (DSC). Each of the 8 districts has a DSC. The DSCs are a multi-stakeholder structures similar to the Quality Learning and Teaching Campaign structures.

Management of the NECT

Management of the National Education Collaboration Trust is vested in a small team of management and education experts. The team is headed by chief executive officer, Godwin Khosa, who is a seasoned education strategist.

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