Eastern Cape

The coastal province of the Eastern Cape, which is largely rural in nature, accounts for approximately 22.2% of all schools in the country, according to School Realities 2016. The province has 23 education districts in the country, standing at 23.

Libode and Mount Frere, both on the eastern side of the province, were selected to be included in the eight NECT target districts. The two districts together include 802 schools, 13 174 teachers and 777 134 learners.

The first six months of 2014 focused on profiling the districts, setting up projects and building relationships with the district offices. In July 2014, the work of the NECT in the province moved into its implementation phase through the provision of intense support to the 92 (11%) Fresh Start Schools (FSS) which serve as test sites for NECT innovations. The NECT is currently preparing to scale up innovations to benefit all schools in the two target districts from the beginning of 2017.

The Eastern Cape project office comprises a staff of 35, ranging from curriculum and leadership specialists to learner, parent and community support coaches.

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