KwaZulu-Natal is one of biggest provinces in the country and according to School Realities 2016 data, the province accounts for 24% of schools.

The province has 12 education districts, two of which—uThungulu in the north east and Pinetown in the central region—were selected to be included in the eight NECT target districts. The two districts collectively make up 1 177 schools, 26 26237 teachers and 660 912 learners.
The first six months of 2014 focused on profiling the districts, setting up projects and building relationships with the district offices. Since July 2014 the work of the NECT in the province has benefited all schools in the two target districts.

The NECT has contracted the Programme for Improved Learner Outcomes (PILO) to support the targets schools and districts in the province.

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