What we do

Programme overview

The NECT was formed in July 2013 as a response to the call by the National Development Plan (NDP) for increased collaboration among stakeholders to improve educational outcomes. The work of the NECT is informed by the six themes presented in the Education Collaboration Framework (ECF) which guide its programme design and interventions.

Programme 1: District Improvement Programme

The DIP aims to improve the quality of teaching, learning and management of schools as well as the effectiveness of the support and monitoring services provided to schools by the districts, with a view to replicating the programme and lessons learned during implementation in other districts and provinces. The DIP is currently being implemented in eight out of the initial 21 target districts identified for intervention and support.

Programme 2: Systematic Intervention

The systemic intervention programme aims to address key systemic challenges that are holding back the improvement of the education system or that risk reversing the gains already made. Such interventions will in all likelihood be at a national level. The programme seeks to further the NDP intent of strengthening the capacity of the state to deliver public services.

Programme 3: Innovation Programme

The programme is intended to initiate programmes and set up channels that will promote new thinking, approaches and programmes aimed at improving the quality of learning and teaching and the efficiency and effectiveness of the education system. The NECT’s focus is on identifying, testing, replicating and institutionalising innovations that have been proven to be effective and have the potential to enhance the overall performance of the system.

Programme 4: Local Projects

In striving to improve the coordination and effectiveness of social investments in education, the NECT aims to provide guidelines on how to increase the return on investment from social investment in education. Increased return on investments will require a change of approaches, methodologies and attitudes from both social investors and intended beneficiaries.

Programme 5: Education DialogueSA

Towards the end of 2013, the NECT set up an Education Dialogue group comprising 43 members representing educationists, academics, business, unions and government. The purpose of the Dialogue is to create an avenue for open, honest engagement around key subjects which need resolution and action for educational reform to be successful in South Africa.

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