Technical Reports

National Reading Barometer South Africa

The National Reading Survey was commissioned and managed by the Nal’ibali Trust in partnership with the National Library of South Africa,with support from the Zenex Foundation, DGMT and the National Education Collaboration Trust.

NECT Sandbox 2020 Research - Compendium

After a year of trialing interventions at the Sandbox Schools, the NECT EdHub shares initial learnings from to explore what the future of education could look like in South African public schools.

Beyond The Numbers 2019

South Africa’s progress and contextual changes in education data management and the environment for education technology tools.

The State of ICT in Education In South Africa

Information and communications technology (ICT) has been introduced to education in South Africa This report draws together three documents produced in 2015 and 2016 to describe the current status of ICT in Education in South Africa, with the aim of providing a baseline from which changes can be initiated, and progress measured. The report details the role of technology in Education, best practice and critical success factors, the current status of ICT in South Africa, and pathways to success.

Driving evidence-based education reform

The NECT has initiated various programmes that drive efforts to improve learning outcomes in schools. This publication presents the monitoring and evaluation outputs from the NECT programme.

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