Division 2

Systems Capacity Support and Advisory

Strategic Intent

Boost the state’s sustainable ability: To meet both immediate and future educational needs, the objective is to identify, engage and inject vital technical skills within the Department of Basic Education (DBE), offering well-planned project management and support for effective responses to educational requirements, and facilitating discussions on education policy in light of future trends and their potential impacts on the South African Education Sector


Education Technical Assistance Office (ETAO)

Identify technical gaps and engage tailored technical expertise to enhance capacity within the DBE, provinces and districts.

Education Futures (Ed-Futures)

Provide a platform for education stakeholders and government to discuss trends shaping the future of South African education. This will promote foresight in planning and strategy, resulting in a more resilient, innovative and future-ready education system.

Special Projects (SP)

Identify systemic challenges and attract the necessary resources to contribute to educational design and improvement through agile and responsive project management strategies.

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