NECT on matric 2015 results

The National Education Collaboration Trust (NECT) congratulates the Minister of Basic Education, the department and successful learners in the 2015 senior certificate examinations.

The 2015 senior certificate examinations were a record test of the education system in South Africa. The highest number of candidacy was reached and we are impressed that it was met with an increase in the overall number of passes, mathematics and science passes, bachelors and distinctions. We welcome the move to set up second chance opportunities for learners who did not make it.

The results present a challenge to the three largest provinces whose results have dropped notably. We call upon the officials, teachers, parents and communities around schools to provide more guidance to learners in terms of subject and career choices and support to learning and teaching throughout the year. The NECT believes that good performance follows clear and ambitious goals, partnerships between schools and their communities and optimum effort throughout the year. Maintaining optimum learning, teaching and study time throughout the year will ensure excellence.

The NECT will continue to work with the eight districts six of which are in the three large provinces that are facing a drop in the results. During 2015, the districts working with the NECT were assisted in introducing learning programmes which reinforce the completion of the curriculum in every classroom. The programmes help district officials, school management teams, teachers and learners to better plan and execute the annual curricula.


Godwin Khosa


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