NECT programmes improving learning outcomes in Bohlabela

The Department of Basic Education (DBE) and the National Education Collaboration Trust (NECT) are working together to improve learning outcomes in the Bohlabela district of the Mpumalanga province through focused school monitoring visits, teaching tools and ongoing support for teachers. The aim is to improve learning outcomes by ensuring a full curriculum coverage in the 2016 academic year.

The DBE district directors, subject advisors and district managers started this year’s activities by reviewing the 2015 school performance. They also ensured that schools can reopen on time, taht there is an implementation of action plans created to improve outcomes and addressing issues that hinder positive learning outcomes. Parallel to these activities, the NECT’s teacher development and leadership coaches continue to provide much needed support to schools by assisting teachers in implementing the skills and tools provided during training including curriculum trackers, CAPS compliance timetables, and learner and teacher absenteeism trackers.

Teacher development coaches have completed the process of identifying mathematics and science teachers who require content training, following a Gap Analysis that was conducted, aimed at planning for relevant intervention. Home language and English first additional language teachers were also trained for the purpose of covering gaps identified in their subjects.  The NECT team went on to measure school readiness in the district by check-listing school year plans, subject plans, assessment plans and action plans created by the school management teams and the principals in preparation for the year. This is to ensure that schools plan well so that they can achieve full coverage of the curriculum this academic year.

The DBE together with the NECT conducted over 1 300 visits to 58 Fresh Start Schools in the district to ensure that every school is ready. There is a special focus on curriculum management and coverage. Subject advisors also attended a curriculum management training workshop, where they were trained on understanding their ‘Roles and Responsibilities’ in the District Intervention programme of the NECT. the training provided subject advisors with an opportunity to share their knowledge and challenges, as a strategy to improve learner performance in the district.

In addition, coaches specially focused on Learner Welfare have developed a learner support database to monitor how the schools are implementing quick win action plans. During these activities, the NECT provided training and support to ensure that the team can identify learner needs and challenges as well as provision of the necessary support.

Training workshops will continue to be implemented throughout 2016 for teachers, circuit managers and subject advisors to ensure that implementation of the intervention programme is a success. Through such programmes and initiatives, the NECT continues to work collaboratively with business, civil society, government and labour to improve learning outcomes in Bohlabela in 2016. The intention is to achieve the education goals of the National Development Plan (NDP).


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