Respect the class of ‘76

The first leg of the NECT’s poster campaign in schools is devoted to respect, quite apt considering South Africans will be commemorating Youth Month in June

The poster campaign forms part of the National Education Collaboration Trust’s (NECT) efforts to make learners part of the transformation of education – from the inside out. The campaign starts with respect, teaching learners the basic principles and providing them with an activity on the topic, thereby encouraging them to be active participants in educational reform. In total there are three posters, one for primary-school learners, one for high-school learners and one that both introduces them to the NECT and invites them to join the NECT’s education revolution.

The poster campaign aims to foster sustainable, positive behaviour change in learners, by reminding them to respect their friends, their schools and themselves – and to treat others the way they would like to be treated. It forms part of an on-going communication drive that will attempt to instil different values, throughout the year, while encouraging learners to be participants in improving South Africa’s educational system.

It is no coincidence that the NECT should choose to launch the poster campaign with respect. As we encourage learners to commemorate Youth Day on 16 June, it’s valuable to remember that a basic lack of respect is the cornerstone of the oppressive educational system of the past. By respecting the sacrifices of the young people who stood as one during the Soweto Uprising, we make sure that their actions are appreciated and will live in the memory of current and future generations.

As a significant day in South African history, intended as a pause day, Youth Day is a lesson to all learners that it takes courage to stand up and make a difference. Youth Day is also a powerful reminder that if the rights of all people are always respected, society would ultimately be a better place.

As an independent but collaborative trust between business, unions, civil society and government, the NECT is a significant response to the National Development Plan’s call for educational reform.

The NECT aims to ensure that – together with the Department of Basic Education – it can achieve the NDP’s educational objective - to see 90% of learners pass maths, science and language with at least 50%, by 2030.

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