Programme 2: Systematic Intervention

The systemic intervention programme aims to address key systemic challenges that are holding back the improvement of the education system or that risk reversing the gains already made. Such interventions will in all likelihood be at a national level. The programme seeks to further the NDP intent of strengthening the capacity of the state to deliver public services.

Programme 2 currently focuses on Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in education and is categorised into three initiatives:

Initiative 1: Ministerial Advisory Committee on ICTs

The NECT has facilitated the formation of the Ministerial Advisory Committee on ICTs which is made up of made up of private and public senior officials. The purpose of the committee is to support the development of an ICT strategy at the Department of Basic Education (DBE), provide technical oversight support to the DBE and to other education initiatives such as Operation Phakisa Education Lab, which is located in the Presidency.

Initiative 2: User Requirements for the SA-School Administration and Management System (SA-SAMS)

Initiative 2 is aimed at providing technical support to e-administration at the DBE with focus on SA-SAMS and the examinations system. The support is primarily in the area of planning the modernisation and revamp of the school administration system: defining the SA-SAMS User Requirement Specification (URS) and upgrading the SA-SAMS technical architecture. This will help improve the efficiency of the DBE’s core management information system and consequently the resource allocation to schools and districts.

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